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The legendary stand-up comedian who was and will always be William Melvin ‘Bill’ Hicks was also a social critic, satirist, and musician- he was what we could call a complete artist. His stand-up comedy material consists highly of general discussions about society, religion, politics, philosophy and personal issues. The late stand-up comedian Bill Hicks has charmed the entire world with his talent in stand-up comedy. He has the amazing ability to capture the essence of world’s biggest problems and dissect them in his trademark signature of stand-up comedy. The stand-up comedian Bill Hicks was always ahead his time, it was like he could predict the future with his terrific stand-up comedy videos and concerts.

American: The Bill Hicks Story video is an amazing documentary about this legendary stand-up comedian, an icon of modern stand-up comedy. The idea of this stand-up comedy documentary of Bill Hicks came from the fact that he left behind a valuable legacy of photos and videos and it would be a shame for them to be lost or not to be used to honour the stand-up comedian’s memory. He gave us so much great things, he was not afraid to open our eyes and with American: The Bill Hicks Story video is a proof that the stand-up comedian did not live in vain, he left something precious behind. Bill Hick’s stand-up comedy left a footprint in our hearts and minds and American: The Bill Hicks Story video is our way to thank him for everything he has done for us.

American: The Bill Hicks Story video documentary reveals footage from the stand-up comedian’s life, images which show us his world, his inspiration and everything that made him the stand-up comedian we all loved and respected. American: The Bill Hicks Story video is trying to present Bill Hick’s life in images and video recordings all tied together with animated portions.

This storytelling documentary about the stand-up comedian Bill Hick’s life, American: The Bill Hicks Story video is amazing. It shows real locations, such as the bedroom window he escaped to perform with his stand-up comedy partner Dwaight Slade, the dark alleys of Huston where he nearly met his end, and the auditoriums where he played his most famous and side-splitting stand-up comedy concerts. They are all recreated with great care in stunning three dimensional technologies in order to provide a fresh new way to reveal all the challenges that the stand-up comedian Bill Hicks had to face during his life as an artist and as a person. American: The Bill Hicks Story video really shows the stand-up comedian’s life as a journey with a clear propose; even if the stand-up comedian reached his goal – to state his mind about all things happening in this crazy world and to open our eyes and minds alongside, Bill Hicks really enjoy the road which took him here and all this is shown in American: The Bill Hicks Story video.

In American: The Bill Hicks Story video the stand-up comedian’s story is told by ten of Bill Hicks’ closest friends and family, the people who knew him the best, who knew everything he was going trough during his journey on life. They share with us stand-up comedian’s ups and downs, all of Bill Hicks’ controversial stories about his drugs and alcohol period and his last moments of life. American: The Bill Hicks Story video is not only the story of his offstage life. The video presents stand-up comedian Bill Hicks travelling trough time from his beginnings in stand-up comedy and growing in courage and inspiration, cultivating his talent and speaking out his mind, gathering in one video what sometimes Bill Hicks was performing in 300 nights of stand-up comedy per year.

American: The Bill Hicks Story video is revolutionary also because the principal characters in stand-up comedian Bill Hicks’ life had never all spoken at one time before. But now, they all recalled quite vividly about one of stand-up comedy’s most outspoken legends. The journey of the making of the American: The Bill Hicks Story video documentary will take us following stand-up comedian’s footsteps in life and stand-up comedy all along. It all begins in Portland, Oregon, where Bill’s first comedy partner Dwight Slade acted out their earliest teenage routines, to Kevin Booth, Bill’s lifelong friend and producer, standing at the edge of the Texas ranch pond recalling his and Bill’s mushroom-inspired UFO experience. Then David Johndrow, Bill’s spiritual ally, the Houston comics, who told their hilarious stories of Bill’s formative comedic years, and then of the descent into drink and drugs which almost killed him…to the family home in Little Rock, Arkansas where siblings Steve and Lynn discussed the impact of Bill’s more extreme routines on his Southern Baptist family.

Whenever I thing of stand-up comedian Bill Hicks, I have in mind what he wanted to be his last words for the world he was living behind: “I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit.” If you believe in his words, you should not miss watching American: The Bill Hicks Story video if the stand-up comedian had any influence in you life. If you were not a fan of Bill Hicks, you will surely be after you watch American: The Bill Hicks Story video and if you are a fan, this video documentary is a must see and own!

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