Alex Reymundo: Red Nexican Full Video

The Alex Reymundo Red Nexican Video is actually comedian Alex Reymundo with 4 comedian girls: Sara Contreras, Marilyn Martinez, Monique Marvez and Sandra Valls. Alex Reymundo does a great job at opening the door for comedian girls in a man dominated sport of stand up comedy. Alex Reymundo is still one of the funniest stand up comedians out there, but this time he decides to let us know that girls can do a great stand up comedy act too...

Sara Contreras is Puerto Rican stand up comedian that is regarded as being outrageous when talking about growing up as a Puerto Rican. The problem with all of this is that it is also true. Comedian Sara Contreras also takes up topics such as sex, children, love and life in the Puerto Rican community. Her stand up comedy act is so hilarious because most of the things she talks about are from real life experience and this way she manages to captivate the viewers. Watching Sara Contreras inevitably brings up the fact that she is a good looking stand up comedian witch is actually a rare thing in this world. You should definitely watch her stand up comedy videos. She has a lot of potential. Stand up comedy videos with Sara Contreras... a special thing to watch.

Monique Marvez is a Cuban stand up comedian. And even though Cuba is still under embargo she manages to find all the funny stuff that this situation has brought about. Her stand up comedy video is a great one because you get a good look into the Cuban way of thinking and that, coupled with the fact that we are talking about Cuban people is a very rare thing. Her stand up comedy routine about men and her relationship with them is so funny. Monique Marvez is a definite watch wherever you find her. She is one great stand up comedy performer. Her videos bring Cuba into your life...

Sandra Valls is a in your face Latina comedian. She got into stand up comedy when her ex-boyfriend signed her up for stand up comedy classes. Since then she has made stand up comedy routines about anything related to her personal life. Including one about her love life orientation that is hilarious. This one is actually available to watch online and on this DVD, presented here. Stand up comedy videos by Sandra Valls are the definition of the word: Funny!

Marilyn Martinez is a Mexican stand up comedian, she makes stand up comedy routines about being a chunky Mexican and her love life in the bed. Her Stand up comedy videos are a true insight into the funny parts of the life of a Mexican. Mexican stand up comedian Marilyn Martinez is a definite watch. She shows us that being Mexican is cool and crisp.

Overall this DVD / video: Alex Reymundo - Red Nexican Full Video and the stand up comedy divas on it is a definite buy or at least a reason to watch it online. Stand up comedy here is at it's best. The mixture of Latino stand up comedy is perfect and desirable for any self respecting stand up comedy fan.

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