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Just Like Us is a stand-up comedy and documentary performance, directed by Ahmed Ahmed. The routine produced at the Cross Cultural Entertainment studio, will be released on the USA market on 10th June 2011.

You may think that comedian’s name, Ahemd Ahemd is a repeated word, is a mistake, but it’s not, that’s really his name. Ahmed was born in Helwan, Egypt, June 27, 1970. His parents immigrated to the US when he was one-month old, and he grew up in Riverside, California. The comedian moved to Hollywood when he was 19 years old and started a career as an actor and stand-up comedian. Attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts for one year and studied with various acting coaches. He has been a regular performer at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles since 2000.

In “Just Like Us” video, Ahmed is accompanied by Alexandro , Sherif Azab, Whitney Cummings, Tommy Davidson, Omid Djalili. They make together a great stand-up comedy show, delighting their audience. The comedian takes us on a comedy tour from Dubai to Beirut, Riyadh (the capital of Saudi Arabia) to New York. Along the journey, taboos of culture and geopolitics are exploded, and a new type of comedy talent is born. The truth is, the majority of Americans believe that the Arab countries don’t have a desire for watching a stand-up performance and they seem to have this impression that Muslims and comedy don't go together. Well, surprise! Arabs do enjoy some stand-up comedy and the chance to have a good laugh, just like us.

During the Just Like Us stand-up comedy video, the comedian is packed with great anecdotes, interesting details about the Arab countries in relation with the Americans. He wants to emphasize the fact that as long as our relationship is defined by our differences we will empower those who sow hatred rather than peace, and who promote conflict rather than the co-operation. The comedian’s idea of the routine is that this cycle of suspicion and discord between Americans and Arabians must end. We have the power to make the world we seek, but only if we have the courage to make a new beginning. And comedies have developed in some Muslim countries as a tool of relief for both parts, and apparently they do it very well.

This performance is a great piece of stand-up comedy and very much needed for our times! There are still many issues between Americans and Arabs and the line of jokes is so fine, but once again, Ahmed did an excellent job. The audience, Arabs or Americans will definitely enjoy it. You must watch Ahmed Ahmed: Just Like Us video and buy this DVD.

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