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Stand up Comedy: Richard Pryor Career

Richard Pryor Career

Richard Pryor's comedy career was inspired by Bill Cosby and in 1963, the comedian Richard Pryor moved to New York and he started to perform in night clubs a stand up comedian. Richard Pryor's stand up comedy shows were performed on the same stage as Bob Dylan or Woody Allen.

Stand up Comedy: Richard Pryor - Personal Life

Richard Pryor - Personal Life

Richard Pryor was born on 1st of December 1940 and died on 19th of December 2005. Richard Pryor's full name is Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor III and his nicknames were Richie, Dickie, Dick and Rich. Richard Pryor was 5'10" (1.78m)tall. Richard Pryor was the son of Gertude, a prostitute and Buck Carter (aka LeRoy Pryor). Richard Pryor's father was a bartender, boxer and veteran of WWII.

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