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Stand up Comedy: George Carlin's career - 2000-2008

George Carlin's career - 2000-2008

On 24th of April 2000 was released "Braindroppings" as book-on-tape and CD. The year 2000 was a busy year for comedian George Carlin, mostly because, during this year he wrote his second book, that was to be published in April 2001, he prepared the twelfth comedy HBO special show, to be broadcast November 2001 and did 150 stand up comedy concert shows.

Stand up Comedy: George Carlin's career - 1990s

George Carlin's career - 1990s

The comedian starts the year great and on January 12-13, 1990 the seventh HBO special of George Carlin stand-up comedy show / concert special, "Doin' It Again" was taped at State Theater, New Brunswick, New Jersey. George Carlin stand up comedy show includes the funny routines: "Euphemisms", "Feminist Blowjob", "Some People are Stupid" and "Life's Little Moments".

Stand up Comedy: George Carlin's career - 1980s

George Carlin's career - 1980s

In August 1981 George Carlin came back on stage with the comedy album "A Place for My Stuff" which was recorded in Las Vegas (live) and New York (studio). Comedian's album was released in November 1981, got nominated for Grammy award and included famous routines like "Have A Nice Day", "Asshole, Jackoff, Scumbag", "Interview With Jesus" and an early, incomplete version of "A Place for My Stuff".

Stand up Comedy: George Carlin's career - 1970s

George Carlin's career - 1970s

George Carlin knew moderate success until the mid 1970's when he changed both his comedy routines and his appearance by adopting a less conventional and more vulgar comedy routine.

Stand up Comedy: George Carlin's career - 1960s

George Carlin's career - 1960s

In March 1960 - George Carlin and Burns started a morning radio show on KDAY, Hollywood, after taping and creating "The Wright Brothers". It is known about George Carlin that years later, when the funniest comedian was honored with a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, the comedian requested that it would be placed in front of KDAY studios.

Stand up Comedy: George Carlin's Personal Life

George Carlin's Personal Life

George Carlin, by his full name George Denis Patrick Carlin is one of the top comedians of America. George Carlin was born on 12 May 1937 and died on June 22, 2008.

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