Comedy Roast of Larry the Cable Guy

Comedy Central Roast of Larry the Cable Guy was held at the Warner Bros lot, on March 1, 2009. This comedy roast will be about a fictional character, not about Dan Whitney, the failed comedian who threw on a sleeveless shirt, donned a trucker hat and affected a fake Southern accent to become the enormously popular Larry the Cable Guy. The jokes would be at the expense of that creation.

But the Roast of Larry the Cable Guy shows that the subject of a roast isn't all that important; it's the jokes that are told that matter. This roast had more than its share of memorable insults and one-liners, making it one of the most memorable Comedy Central roasts of recent years.

Lisa Lampanelli was the roastmaster for the Comedy Central of Larry the Cable Guy event, but she seemed a little uncomfortable with her role. Things got better once the comics began taking the stage, even though there were many joke variations on the same things: Lampanelli is ugly, Lampanelli has sex with black men, Greg Giraldo is a no one, Jeff Foxworthy has a ridiculous mustache, Larry the Cable Guy is trash and inexplicably popular. Jokes like this aim for easy targets and hit quite squarely.

The Central Comedy Roast of Larry the Cable Guy was an overall success, even if the high points came from some unlikely places. When Greg Giraldo takes the stage he essentially spouted off every possible thing you would want him to say: Larry is a hack, that his success makes no sense, that it's impossible to roast a character.

Maureen "Don't Call Me Marcia" McCormick was one of a few non-comedians given a chance at the podium. She seems to not be fully aware of just how dirty and nasty her jokes actually are. Mainly, she gave some of the best lines of the night. Of the non-comics (the others being Busey, Warren Sapp and Toby Keith), McCormick fared the best. She was even better than some of the professionals. Jeff Foxworthy, looked visibly embarrassed and uncomfortable with how dirty some of the jokes got.

Larry the Cable Guy managed a few lines that made everyone laugh and seemed to take the whole thing in the spirit it was intended. Maybe when you're that big a success, you can brush off the angry ranting of Greg Giraldo a little more easily.

Quick Info Comedy Roast of Larry the Cable Guy

  • Roasted: Larry the Cable Guy
  • Roast Master: Lissa Lampanelli
  • Air Date: March 1, 2009
  • Duration: 01:08 hours
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Comedy roast videos
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2009 |

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