Comedy Roast of Donald Trump

The Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump was originally taped on March 9, 2011 but had its premier on March 15, 2011. Roasters included Whitney Cummings, Lisa Lampanelli, Jeff Ross, Marlee Matlin, (with surprise "assistance" from Gilbert Gottfried), Anthony Jeselink, Larry King, Snoop Dogg, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Melania Trump, Ivanka Trump, Ice- T, Russell Simmons, John Legend and David Foster were in the audience.

The Comedy Central Roast consisted of jokes toward Trump's hairstyle, his show The Apprentice and his family. Jokes were also made about Jeselnik’s lack of fame, Matlin's deafness and Jersey Shore. Also, several roasters paid respect to Greg Giraldo, a Comedy Central Roast regular, which died on September 29, 2010. This roast was dedicated in memory of Greg Giraldo. This was also the first time someone served as roastmaster more than once, as Seth MacFarlane also roasted David Hasselhoff.

Roastmaster Seth Macfarlane was one of the highlights of the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump. His jokes were some of the best, he was mostly right on time and he could always be counted on to be one of the guys truly laughing and having a good time on the dais. Apparently he's fitting into the role quite nicely, maybe because this is the second time roastmastering.

Lisa Lampanelli did the same set she's been doing for a few years. Whitney Cummings, notorious for the Comedy Central roasts, is sort of settling into predictability. Larry King pretended to be hosting his call-in show which afforded all the other roasters to make a lot of jokes about him being old. This was clever from him, to help the overall show. Snoop Dogg fared much better, demonstrating a knack for timing and a discernible style that was different than anyone else's. He actually brought something to his set.

In Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino from MTV's Jersey Shore had an incredibly cynical participation. His first few jokes as a roaster were good, sounded like hacky roast jokes. Then he started attacking Whitney Cummings' appearance without any discernible punchlines, so the audience, rightly, turned on him. He was sort of a punching bag for the other roasters to come, so he helped with the show as well.

Anthony Jeselnik followed “The Situation” and he had a different energy and approach then everyone else. Marlee Matlin did a good set and was really dirty and proved to be one of the best sport of Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump. Jeff Ross, had some good jokes, but some predictable ones as well.

Finally, Donald Trump stepped on to the podium. His delivery and timing were pretty good, but he didn't actually tell many jokes. He talked about his hypothetical presidential run, and while that's funny in and of itself.

Quick Info Comedy Roast of Donald Trump

  • Roasted: Donald Trump
  • Roast Master: Seth Macfarlane
  • Air Date: March 15, 2011
  • Duration: 01:04 hours
  • Stand up comedy video published in: Comedy roast videos
  • Stand Up Comedy Section(s): 2011 |

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