Stand-up comedy at Marta’s Vineyard!

A new stand-up comedy event is going to take place starting July 9, at Marta’s Vineyard. The show is called Marta’s Vineyard Comedy and it is a project developed by Steve Capers. He is not a well known comedian, but his love for stand-up comedy is undeniable. Steve Capers worked a few years at Comedy Central and after he was laid off in 2003 he decided to start his own stand-up comedy company, called Knock-Knock Productions.

Steve Capers’ job at Comedy Central helped him a lot in his journey to stand-up comedy and he made a lot of stand-up comedians as friends. He worked with comedians like Jon Stewart, Bill Cosby and Sinbad but now is bringing laughs to Marta’s Vineyard.

Marta’s Vineyard Comedy series will start July 9 and will last until August 26. The stand-up comedians taking part at this comedy event are Marlon Mitchell and Roz G which will start the stand-up comedy festival, Jay Deep, Stan the Man, Damon Williams, Rudy Rush, Da Wildcat and AJ Jamal.

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