Seinfeld Still Has It!

Stand-up comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld is a very popular stand-up comedian, best known from his sitcom “Seinfeld”. Even if the show ended in 1998, people forgot neither the comedian, nor the show. One would think that Seinfeld has nothing to say, more than he said in the 9 seasons of his sitcom, but this proved to be wrong.

On Friday, stand-up comedian Jerry Seinfeld had a performance at Jubilee Auditorium, Alberta in front of 2,500 people. 2,500 fans eager to watch the famous stand-up comedian in action. They all had high expectations and the comedian really measured up. It is amazing how, after all this time, Jerry Seinfeld’s comic style hasn’t change, but it is still fresh. Maybe the reason is that people were expecting to see old Seinfeld... His ability to question everyday events and to come up with the most surprising conclusions to simple questions is still hilarious.

Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up performance was maybe a little calmer, because of the family life he is living now, but this is just another source of topics for his stand-up comedy shows.

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