Sean Hughes adds more shows to his tour

Sean Hughes received some good reviews for his “Life Becomes Noises” tour that he feels the need to hear more laughs so he adds new dates. The comedian will be coming to Rhodes in Bishop’s Stortford next month.

We know that what might seem to others a taboo subject, for him is just a new material and that’s what makes him different. He’s not afraid to talk about unusual issues and now he even takes a new path doing unusual things for him yet very normal for every comedian. He will respond to fan’s request of performing in various places.

“I don’t normally go back to shows but I love this one and thought it would be nice for more people to see it. This show is very important to me.”

He is not afraid to take death and make it his subjects: “It is a grim subject but my father died a while back and I wanted to write a show about how people react to death as it’s something people tend to shy away from,” he said. “It’s not my job to make people sad; I wanted to make it uplifting and the show does make people feel good about them. It’s looking at the joy of life. When someone dies, it makes life precious.”

Sean has performed all over the world and, as well as being the youngest ever winner of the coveted Perrier Award, he has also won a Fringe First for his short plays, Dehydrated and Travellin’ Light. He was voted No. 40 in Channel 4’s World Greatest Comedians top even if he put the comedy arena on pause.

“A lot of people who do comedy now do it to become famous but when I started it wasn’t a big thing, it was just exciting and a way of expressing yourself,” he said. “No one in those days would have gone to school and said ‘I want to be a stand-up comic when I grow up’ but you get more of that now.”

He is currently working on a show to present at Edinburgh Festival. “It’s the best thing I’ve done and you don’t get things like this on TV. It’s great to make people laugh with such a serious subject,” he said.

Sean Hughes is at the South Road venue on Friday, May 17 at 8pm. Tickets are £14 from

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