Sarah Silverman knocks out Tel-Aviv!

Stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman shared her humor with her fans at Zappa in Tel-Aviv during this weekend. Her stand-up comedy show had warming up from one local stand-up comedian named Yisrael Campbell and the American stand-up comedian Todd Glass.

Sarah Silverman made her appearance on stage in jeans, a striped shirt and a cardigan sweater. The whole crowd welcomed the stand-up comedian and was anxious to see her performance. Sarah Silverman’s act wasn’t that energetic, but this is part of her charm. She takes her time and her punch lines are likely to cut you off guard, just to find yourself bursting into laughter.

Stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman, in her stand-up comedy show in Tel-Aviv talked a lot about her, about her childhood but she also talked about all of us. Sarah Silverman’s stand-up comedy performance was really entertaining mostly when she begun to sing a bunch of hilarious songs accompanied by her guitar. The stand-up comedian also made some improvisation, talking to the audience and to her security guard.

Stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman had an act was full with sexual jokes, childhood memories and funny stories. It was easy to see that the audience really enjoyed her stand-up comedy show because of her childish style and her sincerity.

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