Russel Peters deposed by Sugar Sammy young comedian?

You all know Russell Peters, a Canadian-Indian Stand-up comedian and his acts witch are all making jokes of different nationalities. None of the nationalities are offended by his jokes, because it is created by somehow base of truth.

Recently, getting into the work of comic Sugar Sammy (real name Samir Khullar), a Canadian stand up of Indian descent who bases much of his material on ethnicity, the inevitable comparisons will be made between him and Russell Peters.

Sugar Sammy's got some good material and gossipers comment that Peters can no longer reach the funny heights of his early material.

By contrast, Sugar Sammy, is younger and a star on the rise and if you check out both comedians stand up comedy work you will see there is a similarity in their acts that is hard to ignore.

In truth that's partly due to Peters having essentially cornered the "Indian guy making jokes about race" section of the market.

But in the end, funny is what ultimately matters!

Quick Info Russel Peters deposed by Sugar Sammy young comedian?

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