Registers to Theatre 99 Stand Up Competition Begin!

Even if there are 6 months left until the Charleston Comedy Festival begins, registrations start this month. The first of 5 preliminary rounds begins on Friday, August 19 and the other 4 are going to be announced later. Registration costs $20.

The Charleston Comedy Festival has 5 preliminary rounds and each round will have 14 comedians performing a 5 minutes stand up comedy routine. The first three most liked by the audience, at the ending of each preliminary round, will pass into the next level of the stand up comedy competition. The top three finalists will perform at the 2012 Charleston Comedy Festival and the prize is $1,000.00 ($500 to the audience favorite by vote and $500 to the winner selected by judges).

All preliminaries will be held at the Theatre 99 and if you don’t pass the first time, do not hesitate to come back. But remember: you can only register at one preliminary at a time and then, if there are any places left, you can register again.

Quick Info Registers to Theatre 99 Stand Up Competition Begin!

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