Paul Rodriguez talks about "50 Shades of Grey" book and imigration

Paul Rodriguez needs no introduction since he made the unforgettable “Tortilla Soup”, “A Million to Juan” and many other small screen gigs, game shows or talk shows.

Rodriguez took his time to promote the 2012 doc “The Fight For Water” but he made some time to talk about Mexican’s reaction to “50 Shades of Grey”, immigration and other Mexican issues.

He is now in his “50 Shades of Brown” tour and, as he says, "50 Shades of Brown has been a spoof on the 50 Shades of Grey [phenomenon]. It's just an overall view, in a funny way, of Latinos in general. Kind of like a report card in a comedic kind of way. You can't judge a Latino by its cover" in just an overall new and comedic way. It's hard to explain right now because you don't want to preach to them all the time because that's not what we do. We try to make 'em laugh. And I try to make 'em laugh during my shows, like the one in Phoenix.”

Has that book had much of an impact among Latinos? PheonixTimes asks

Your grandma, your mom, they're eating it up and you're going "woah." There was need and it filled it, you know [with] fantasy or whatever it is. It's hilarious. As a man, I don't know of anyone who's read it, really, and if we have, we don't take it seriously. It's kind of embarrassing for us, really. You go, "Woah, what do you know? I guess that's what turns them on." Which just goes to prove that men have no clue what turns women on.

It's said that within 25 years or so, Latinos will be the majority in Arizona, if not the entire U.S. What do you think about that?

I'm not so sure it's a good thing if we're not prepared, you know. I'm just concerned because of the...we're already the majority that's in jail, you know. We're the majority in certain things that I'm not proud of. We've got to get our ducats in line, we gotta be educated, and we've gotta make up our mind, you know, we gotta sure our loyalties aren't too south of the border, that's a mess down there with all the narcos.

What are your feelings on the immigration legislation being proposed by the "Gang of Eight," including Arizona's Senator John McCain?

Well, actually I spoke to the senator. I was just over here in Los Angeles; I got invited to go to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Center. It was [Senator Michael] Bennet, the ex-Mexican President [Vicente Fox], and I sat there and gave my two cents. And I'll tell you the truth, no matter what laws America passes, unless they have the cooperation of the other side, it's not gonna work. It's like if you and I share a lawn and I spray for bugs on my side and you don't for yours, we didn't solve the problem. The problem over there is with the Mexican government right now.

It's a very difficult problem, one that this comic can't solve, but the truth is, the only feasible thing that can possibly be done is to go back to the program they used to have, the guest worker program. I'm convinced that if Mexican's are allowed to come and work here and live there, they'll do that.

Quick Info Paul Rodriguez talks about "50 Shades of Grey" book and imigration

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