Owen Sound Comedy Festival is Back!

On Saturday, July 9, the Owen Sound Comedy Festival will take place at The Roxy. The idea of the festival came to stand-up comedian Johnny Grandhouse, born in Owen Sound, along with a few friend decided to take some time for their own entertainment and organized a night of stand-up comedy at The Roxy.

But things are not as easy as they look. The stand-up comedian had to face a decision difficult for every stand-up comedian: not to use such dirty language during the Comedy Festival or to perform just in the evening and only for people of 18 and plus. So stand-up comedian Grandhouse decided to keep the whole show clean because stand-up comedy is not about cussing, it’s about telling jokes and making people laugh.

Among the stand-up comedians scheduled to perform on Saturday are James Cunningham, Mark Walker, Simon Rakoff, Mike Wilmot, Jeff McEnery, Chuck Byrn and Kate Davis. The MC of the Owen Sound Comedy Festival this year is going to be Chuck Byrn.

Quick Info Owen Sound Comedy Festival is Back!

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