"Modern Comedian" gets a third season

The beloved documentary web-series, “Modern Comedian” is finally showing the 3rd season. Featuring comedian Phil Hanley, creator and stand-up comedian Scott Moran, the show promises not only to become a big success but also to deliver comedy secrets.

“There are so many pieces to the stand-up puzzle… TV sets, open mics, the road, writing etc. I want to cover them all. For example, I knew I wanted to do an episode about crowd work but with who? I’m friends with Phil Hanley and he is exceptional at crowd work, so I approached him and we went out and shot it,” says Scott Moran.

There are five episodes settled and more yet to come. “Hopefully, I’ll do like ten or so for this season… I don’t want to leak who will be doing episodes this season, but you can expect some big names and some surprises,” he adds.

Jim Gaffigan, is set to appear on the show. “Gaffigan who will be the second episode of season 3 (ep 19) approached me. I love that he did that, because his idea totally fits the series and he clearly gets it. I hope that trend continues.”

So what does the future hold for Moran and “Modern Comedian”?

“I love balancing filmmaking and stand-up in my life. My hope is one day to be an amazing filmmaker by day and an amazing stand-up by night. The series is like my open mic for filmmaking. I’m just getting my chops for bigger and better projects. People are noticing that and it feels good. Not to jinx it, but I have received zero negative feedback from comics, press, or people online which blows my mind and drives me to keep making more… I keep getting the idea that maybe I would Kickstart a feature film or who knows; maybe a network will want to develop it for TV. That’s not necessarily a post-season 3 goal, but could be possible in the future. I’ll keep making the series as long as I possibly can.”

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