Mike MacDonald- Back to Basics!

After spending 25 years in the United States, stand-up comedian Mike McDonald is returning to his roots, in Canada. What brings him back to basics and what is he going to do next? This is easy to figure out. The stand-up comedian wants to be close to his family, especially his father who is sick but also wants to perform stand-up comedy in his hometown Ottawa, on the same stage which made him famous.

Mike McDonald’s returning home may not be entirely for a happy reason because his 78-year-old father had had a hip operation and then suffered a minor heart attack. But this is only a reason for the stand-up comedian and his wife to settle down in their country to be close to family.

Rebounding is not the only thing the stand-up comedian is doing back home. He has already performed a few times and he has prepared to his fans even more stand-up comedy concerts. On July 2 he will perform one of his stand-up comedy shows to Yuk Yuk’s on Elgin Street and on July 8 and 9 the stand-up comedian will perform at Yuk Yuk’s on Preston Street.

Stand-up comedian Mike McDonald returned home not only to take care of his father, but to take care of his own health as well. About 15 years ago the stand-up comedian was diagnosed as bi-polar, a condition that causes shifts in mood, energy, and ability to function. He was heavy medicated, but now, his new doctor reduced his dose to half.

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