Maria Bamford comes to Oriental Theatre tonight

Maria Bamford already used us with her sharply observed character sketches like the ones on Comedians of Comedy Tour, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job”. It’s not enough for her and we won’t see the comedienne putting an end to her career so, Bamford will be at Oriental Theatre tonight at 8 p.m.

Her materials are based on her unhappy life events like struggling with depression, dysfunctional family and bipolar disorder.

“I'd always had problems with depression and anxiety and it runs in my family, so it's not a big deal to talk about it. Then the SSRI meds I'd been on for many years stopped working and it was suggested by my [doctor] that I try mood stabilizers (Lithium, Depakote, Lamictal - ask a professional for more info because of my inability to sleep and a deeper depression than I'd ever experienced before. I was ashamed at first about getting the new "bipolar" diagnosis but it has really helped me that other people have come out and said that they also have it (Catherine Zeta-Jones, Patty Duke, among many others) and that it's just another name for mental illness. "Crazy" is a slur used to shame people into not asking for help or to blame themselves.” Says Bamford for

Maria Bamford performs at 8 p.m. this Friday, May 10, at the Oriental Theater with Adam Cayton-Holland opening Tickets are $20.

Quick Info Maria Bamford comes to Oriental Theatre tonight

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