Louie Anderson comes back with "Splash" TV show and new stand-up routine

Comedian Louie Anderson joins the celebrities on ABC’s diving show "Splash". "My thing was just to get me moving," said Anderson about joining the show. "I just needed to get me moving. I didn't realize it would inspire people."

"When I was a kid, I wanted to have the President's Challenge award for physical fitness, but I never completed all the stuff in it, especially the rope-climbing," said Anderson "This, to me, is my chance to touch top of the rope and the ceiling, to write my initials and say I did it. When I jumped off that 10 meter, it was very emotional for me and still is, when think about it."

In the past several weeks he's lost more than 20 pounds and strengthened his core. "I feel it on stage," he said. "I'm a lot more physical and moving a lot better and it's contagious."

"Splash" is part of Anderson's long list of television appearances, which started with Johnny Carson inviting Anderson onto the "The Tonight Show" in 1984. He's since performed on late-night talk shows, done Showtime and HBO specials, and guest-starred in shows such as "Grace Under Fire," "Touched by an Angel" and "Chicago Hope." He hosted "Comedy Showcase" and "Family Feud" and created the Emmy Award-winning animated series "Life with Louie."

He's also had featured roles in movies such as "Coming to America," with Eddie Murphy, and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

We love the 60 years-old, more than 400 pounds comedian who made our childhood better voicing “Life With Louie”. Now we get to see more of him as will perform a night of stand-up Sunday in Rochester among Detroit Lions lineman Ndamukong Suh, basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and former Baywatch star Nicole Eggert. We hope to hear more grat news about him.

Quick Info Louie Anderson comes back with "Splash" TV show and new stand-up routine

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