Lewis Black gives Williamstown “One Small Hitch”!

Stand-up comedian Lewis Black wanted to try his luck in writing many years ago. So six years ago, he started writing a play called “One Small Hitch”. The storyline of the play is a wedding day that is heading for disaster when the bride (Megan Ketch) is on the verge of meeting an old ex-boyfriend (Justin Long) who wants to stop her from getting married.

The idea of Lewis Black’s play “One Small Hitch” came from another play called “Hitchin’”. In the 80’s, it was read at Center Stage, Baltimore by the artistic director Stan Wojewodski, but he never agreed to stage it. Black decided to rewrite the play and to stage it himself.

“One Small Hitch” had its premiere yesterday at the Williamstown Theatre Festival and it will be on until July 17. This play is coming like a surprise from stand-up comedian Lewis Black because it is not his type of comedy. But it is exactly what the stand-up comedian and now wrighter put his money on.

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