Keith Lowell Jensen Kickstarts to Release His DVD!

Stand-up comedian Keith Lowell Jensen has left about 20 days to get people to donate $2,250 for his new CD and DVD release.

Jensen’s new live stand-up comedy CD and DVD called Cats Made of Rabbits is a project that will only be funded if he raises that much money before Friday, May 6 at 8:00 P.M. EDT.

For the release of his newest stand-up comedy DVD and CD Cats Made of rabbits, Jensen is using an online program called Kickstarter. The program is created for all world-wide artist that want to start their own project. But the program has an all-or-nothing policy: if the artist is not able to raise the amount goal by expiration date, no money will go to him. “If I reached that last date and we haven’t met our goal then no one's credit cards gets charged, Jensen said. “Everyone keeps their money.”

The stand-up comedian will thank his fans by giving them bonuses, depending on the sum they donate.

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