Joan Rivers sued by her former manager

Comedienne Joan Rivers was sued by her former manager, William Sammeth, who is claiming that she had defamed him in her documentary "A Piece of Work".

The former manager of Joan Rivers sued her for 2 million dollars and also 10% of her recent jobs.

William Sammeth who was Joan River's manager between 2002 - 2009, is claiming that in her documentary, the comedienne said he had disappeared when in truth, she had sacked him.

Joan Rivers, 77, stated that William Sammeth's contract with her was terminated in 2009 and she doesn't owe any money to him.

Joan River's former manager said that the comedienne's career was 'dormant" in 2002 when he signed her and that during his contract, he took heer career from 12 performances to 40 in 2009 and he also stated that he paid $18,000 for a charity, which helped her win the U.S. reality show "Celebrity Appretince".

"Billy Sammeth is now making claims for money to which he is not entitled and I am confident that the judicial system will dispose of his lawsuit in the appropriate manner" - stated Joan Rivers.

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