Jim Gaffigan - "Dad Is Fat" book

Jim Gaffigan’s latest gags are not about what we were used to. The comedian has quit the American food and living routines passing on to his family life.

In his “Dad Is Fat” book, Gaffigan talks about his life with his wife and five children living in a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan – an all hipsters, swingers, adults-only shops, men in high heels and strange elders neighborhood.

As his son likes to call him, the stand-up “chameleon” has decided to talk about the challenge of being a father – a fat one – complexity and pleasure of raising a large family in a small apartment.

"I've had people say, 'What, do you own an oil company? I mean, why would you subject yourself to that?' And I always just tell them I'm creating my own nationality," he tells NPR's Scott Simon. "But it's absurd. Living in New York is difficult enough, and attempting to raise five kids that don't end up heroin addicts on the Bowery is pretty ambitious."

He admits that all of this is just like dealing with terrorists. He has to negotiate and cajole his kids to put them to bed. “It's really the opposite of a hostage situation — instead of trying to get people out of there, you're trying to keep them in there: I'll give you whatever you want! What do you want, a helicopter to Cuba? Anything, just stay in there and don't hurt anyone."

Jim Gaffigan will be on a book tour starting May 8 and ending on Dec, 31.

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