Jerry Seinfeld back on TV: The Marriage Refs

Jerry Seinfeld will be back on TV with a new show, as NBC announces the new shows for 2009-2010. After the huge success of Bee Movie or Seinfeld TV show, when every Seinfeld episodes were making huge audience points with Seinfeld cast: George Costanza, Elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer or Newman, the star will return to TV producing "The Marriage Refs", a primetime reality show.

Jerry Seinfeld's reality series will be a funny show about all the little or major things people fight in a marriage, things that had inspired Jerry Seinfeld stand up comedy shows after he got married with Jessica Seinfeld.

The stand up comedian stated that the idea of doing this on TV was actually Jessica Seinfeld's idea, who saw the chance of a televisions series.Every epsiode of Seinfeld show will have a theme and will point out that everybody fights over the same silly things with the same kind of arguments and the couples present will be judged by comedians, celebrities or sports star, but no couple therapy will take place.

Asked if he would appear on the TV series, Jerry Seinfeld stated that he won't, but later added "We'll see", probably in order to match the desire of NBC.

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