Happy Birth Day Bill Cosby!

He needs no introduction, no presentation because when you say Bill Cosby you say one of the greatest comedians around, a black stand-up comedian and actor who made himself famous world wide. On Thursday, the great Bill Cosby turns 74 years. He is 74 and he is still on his feet, performing stand-up comedy and being involved in the public life like few others are.

Bill Cosby’s comedy is classic, high class, quality comedy. We all remember him from “The Cosby Show” and many of still watch his stand-up shows which seem timeless and outrageously funny. Bill Cosby’s stand-up comedy style is simple, he doesn’t use big words but he is right on the spot. He is a stand-up comedian who never cusses and still remains funny.

We wish Bill Cosby a very happy birth day and best wishes because the world still needs people like him, maybe more than ever.

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