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All great stand up comedians reached their fame by hard work and perseverance. None of them where born famous, they all earned every laughter from the audience trough their talent and passion for stand up comedy. The passion for stand up comedy is what drives each and every stand up comedian to fight hard and earn a place on stage. Canadian comedian Christophe Davidson knows this better than everyone: he started his stand up comedy career by washing toilets at a comedy club.

After performing an open mic night at a comedy club, Christophe Davidson was offered a job at the club: washing toilets! But the stand up comedian took it as a challenge, as an opportunity. And now, Davidson made his way through the stand up comedy stage and is headlining his stand up comedy show at home Thursday to Saturday at Ernie Butler's Comedy Nest.

Since 2009 when he got his job in the club, stand up comedian Christophe Davidson completed tours of Canada, the U.S. and Australia. And he is not going to stop here. Davidson will be doing the Just for Laughs fest as the opening act in DeAnne Smith's About Freakin' Time, July 21 to 27 at the Underworld.

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