Eddie Murphy’s Ex-Wife BROKE?!

Eddie Murphy’s ex wife, Nicole Murphy, who now dates Michael Strahan, has blown through the large divorce settlement she received?

We don't know that for sure but something just seams true to us.

According to the rumors, Nicole, Edie Murphy's ex wife, received a million settlement from her divorce in 2006 and not only that she spend all of her money but she also owes the IRS 6,000. For that she was forced to put her mansion up for sale.

Nicole opted for the one time payment instead of monthly installments when she decided to divorce Eddie.

A friend of Nicole says that she is in financial trouble because of her numerous bad investments she chose to make with her money and that she also owes money to a landscaping firm,a law firm and owes mill on her LA home.

Anyway,feeling sorry or not for her,because it must be difficult and exhausting for Nicole blowing through $15 Milli in 4 Years, maybe she will find a come-up fast.

Or maybe she will even ask her boyfriend Michael Strahan for some money.

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