After 20 years,Eddie Murphy returns to stand up

The comedian Eddie Murphy is panning to return to his first love: stand up comedy, after staying away from the stage for about 20 years. The comedian stated that Within the last six months or so I started getting an itch to do it again.

I started writing stuff I was like, I could go and do 15, 20 minutes right now. Maybe in a couple of months I'll start working again. But there is no easy job to get back on track after all that time and Eddie Murphy knows that: "But it'll take a year before I'm ready to go on the road It's gonna take at least a year to get the rust off; 20 years of rust".

Eddie Murphy had a great success with his stand up comedy shows back in the 80's, "Delirious" and "Raw" stand up comedy videos being still some of the best work in stand up comedy business. You can watch online both stand up comedy show on our Video Section.

Quick Info After 20 years,Eddie Murphy returns to stand up

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