Eddie Murphy comes back with "A thousand words"

After Eddie Murphy's new movie Imagine that, released in June 2009, the actor and stand up comedian will return on the big screen with another movie."A thousand words" is Eddie Murphy's new movie to be released next year, a comedic drama that is expected to be the actor's huge comeback, after his great success with Beverly Hills Cop or stand up comedy shows like Delirious or Raw.

Eddie Murphy's movie A Thousand Words is about an agent who finds out he only has 1,000 words left to say before he dies, so Eddie Murphy will be silent half the movie, which is pretty interesting and this might become one of the most intriguing of Eddie Murphy's movies.

It's just this fantastic story about a guy who learns to truly understand the importance of his words, and to say what he means. He doesn't speak his truth [at the beginning] so it's really about this guy having to learn how important his word is. co-star Kerry Washington explained.

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