Eddie Izzard with Tom Cruise in Valkyrie

You will find the british comedian Eddie Izzard playing a German general in Valkyrie movie. The movie starring Tom Cruise as the leader of an organisation that plot to assassinate Hitler is not exactly the movie you would expect to see Eddie Izzard in. But the bristish comedian proved one more time that he is a brilliant actor who can wear different shoes which fits him perfectly every time.

Eddie Izzard's part in Valkyrie movie was of an German general who was indecisive to whether or not join the plan of assassination and the comedian related very well to the character.

Even though is a long way from Eddie Izzard Dress to Kill stand up comedy show to the TV drama The Riches and then to Eddie Izzard's movie Valkyrie, the actor and comedian managed to play all his parts so well and Valkyrie reviews were so great, that this movie became a must see for Eddie Izzard's fans and a huge opportunity to see a different side of him.

The buttons you are pushing in a dramatic role are different from comedy and it is tricky to land both well because comedy tends to get into people's brains. If you are a comic, you can do what you think is the best dramatic performance in the world but someone will say, I was waiting for you to say this.

When I am doing drama, there is a distinct part of me that I pull from. It can be some fight I had in my life, or the hell I went through when my mom died that has created an anger inside me. I feel as though I am getting better at bringing those things out in roles. My standup routine is different. When I get into that, I am a relentless bastard. Hopefully, I get better and better at all these things. I know you are always going to make a misstep if you have that ambition, but hopefully each will inform the other in some shape or form.

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