Eddie Izzard at the Hollywood Bowl!

Even if he is a British stand up comedian, Eddie Izzard follows the American style when it comes to his stand up comedy career and he aims high: “Let’s go to the moon!” A dream come true is Eddie Izzard’s performance to the Hollywood Bowl set for tonight.

The extravagant, transvestite stand up comedian Eddie Izzard will be the first one in the comedy business to perform at the Hollywood Bowl, with his stand up comedy show “Eddie Izzard: Stripped to the Bowl”. After he took over U.K with his unique abstract brand of stand up comedy, his fame started to expand to the U.S.A as well. It was 1998 when Izzard came here with his stand up comedy show “Dressed to Kill” and now, he is preparing to open the way for other stand up comedians to the Hollywood Bowl.

With “Eddie Izzard: Stripped to the Bowl”, the stand up comedian is hoping to bring a little bit of Billy Connolly in his performance, especially Connolly’s ability to relate to the audience.

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