Doug Stanhope Records New DVD!

Doug Stanhope, the American stand-up comedian and author known for his abrasive comedy routines and performing while smoking cigarettes and drinking on-stage, is ready to release another stand-up comedy DVD. Even if his album Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere is kind of a new release on the stand-up comedy market, the stand-up comedian decided working at some new material.

Doug Stanhope does not know yet how his new DVD is going to be called, but one thing is for sure. It is going to be recorded on July 19 at the Complex in Salt Lake City, UT during the two stand-up comedy shows he will be doing there. Even if he is now releasing the new DVD, Stanhope is not entirely happy for it. It seems like he is putting together a new material out of pressure – the pressure of going up stage with the same old material.

“I’m writing out of a sense of fear. People will say, ‘Oh I heard that shit,’ so I need to make a new DVD, people heard it. I can’t go back to London without a new hour,” Stanhope told Punchline Magazine.

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