Doug Stanhope: "All comedy courses are scams "

Doug Stanhope stirred up the comedy community, after putting a label on comedy courses, stating that these are "raging scams" and the people who run them are parasites.

Comedian Doug Stanhope wrote on his blog a 4,000 words post, hitting out at comedy courses and the people running them.

They are all 100 per cent bullshit. It wouldn't matter if it were Pryor, Carlin and Mark Twain at the podium at the Holiday Inn banquet room, it would be them ripping you off." - wrote the comedian.

"Usually it works out that the folk who teach this shit never did any comedy on any actual paid level and act like fly strips for those whose dreams outweigh any innate scepticism. These people are loathsome enough but don't create much damage. Then there are people equally as worthless but with better marketing skills that can make a career out of it."

Known for his raw sense of humor, Doug Stanhope has not limited himself at just attacking the idea of comedy courses, but took a list of comedy courses and instructors and labeled evey single one, making an interesting guide of what won't help you as a comedian.

He called Kyle Cease "rotten, soul-plundering asshole" because of his Stand Up Boot Camp, and offered a hilarious alternative: Doug Stanhope's Comedy Death Camp.

But Kyle Cease was not the only one Doug Stanhope wrote about, on his list being also unkind words for Judy Carter, Jeff Singer and others.

"I don't condemn someone for making a living... But I am whole-heartedly against people who prey off the innocent delusions of the incapable." ,"You contemptible parasites. Fuck you." - added the comedian.

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