Commedia Dell Arte in Bangalore!

Stand-up comedian Ajit Saldanha together with fellow comedian Bulchee are planning to bring a lot of laughs at Bangalore. Being for some good years in the world of stand-up comedy, Ajit Saldanha always wanted to have his own stand-up comedy club. Now, alongside stand-up comedian Bulchee is going to make his dream come true with Commedia Dell Arte.

Commedia Dell Arte stand-up comedy club is going to entertain people of Bangalore with lots of local stand-up comedians among which Sanjay Manaktala, Anubhav Pal and Kai Humphries. They are only a few names but stand-up comedian Ajit Saldahna is preparing more stand-up comedy shows in this city which always have supported this type of entertainment.

Stand-up comedian Ajit Saldahna is working on his second comedy book as well, beside Commedia Dell Arte. The book is called “My Play Identity”, a black comedy book.

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