Comedian Jimmy Brogan at the Grange!

Stand-up comedian Jimmy Brogan is in the stand-up comedy branch for 25 years. This has brought him worldwide recognition and a lot of fans. This time, he is heading to the Grange Community Center in Cherry Valley to work his stand-up comedy magic, alongside other fellow stand-up comedians. The date of the stand-up comedy show is set for July 16.

At the start of his stand-up comedy career, Jimmy Brogan, New England native, worked at different jobs by day and by night he was performing at comedy clubs in New York. Jimmy Brogan first appeared on stage at the age of 25 together with his friend Larry Lee. Afterwards, he started working on his own act, guided by his role model’s book Dick Cavett.

Even if Jimmy Brogan started with stand-up comedian, he didn’t stop here: he did television (“Laffathon”, “Comic Strip Live”, “You Asked For It, Again”), writing (he was the writer for “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” for nine years) and he played in movies as well (“Punchline”, “The Informant!”, “Bridesmaids.”)

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