Comedian Eddie Izzard - supporter of Labour!Brilliant Britain!

When showbiz and politics join forces, usually the circus is coming to town, but Eddie Izzard's support for Labour proves that this can be done with a touch of style. The British comedian, known for his unique comedy style and cross-dressing, said he volunteered to speak for Labour in Wales, Scotland and England. With Walws, the comedian has a special bond, due to the fact that he lived in south Wales when he was a child.

Eddie Izzard stated that he supports Labour because he believes "in fairness and the Labour Party I believe is also about fairness."Eddie Izzard's Brilliant Britain is one of the Labour's video for the 2010 election campaign, a stand-up show and also a stand up gesture made by the comedian in backing the part he believes in and Britain.

"I'm doing the broadcast because I take great offence at the Tories slagging off Britain, saying it's broken. I ran around the country and I found that Britain is brilliant. People from all kinds of backgrounds ran with me. Kids from rural estates and kids from inner city areas."The country has a big heart, which I saw even while we were going through tough times. The Tory party have changed their suits, but still don't believe in fairness, otherwise they wouldn't be in the Tory party".

Quick Info Comedian Eddie Izzard - supporter of Labour!Brilliant Britain!

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