Charlie Sheen is doing stand up!

While most people think that comedian Charlie Sheen, the actor who got fired from Two And a Half Men, is done and going through a mental breakdown - I think that he would be a great stand up comedian.

A well known recipes for stand up comedians is: missed opportunities and a mental breakdown. So we should wish Charlie Sheen best of luck in his stand up comedy endeavors.

He also announced two live stand up comedy shows. One in Detroit on the 2nd of April and one in Chicago on the 3rd of April. Comedian Charlie Sheen announced this on his new twitter account that already has more than 2,5 million followers.

Also in Charlie Sheen's agenda is to sue Chuck Lorre and the producers of Two And A Half Men Warner Brothers for breaching the contract between them. The estimated amount that Charlie Sheen would want from this trial as reparations is 100 million US dollars.

Chuck Lorre's lawyer responded

The allegations in the complaint against Mr. Lorre are as recklessly false and unwarranted as Mr. Sheen's rantings in the media.

Quick Info Charlie Sheen is doing stand up!

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