Case Against Comedian Andy Dick goes to Grand Jury

The case against comedian Andy Dick is moving forward, the magistrate John McCallister deciding to move the case to the grand jury.

Andy Dick was arrested in January and is accused of sexual abuse in two cases at a Huntington nightclub. The alleged victims were cross-examined during the preliminay hearing by Assistant Cabell County Prosecuter Sean Hammers and Andy Dick's attorney Mark Geragos.

The first accuser, who remains unidentified, was working at the club and stated that Andy Dick put his hand on his genitals:

"He (Dick) walked through the door, walked by me tried to walk into the club," the accuser testified. "I grabbed him and said, 'I need to see your ID.' He didn't have his license. He said it was stolen on the airplane."

The comedian Andy Dick was performing at the Funnybone comedy club that weekend. The alleged victim stated that after he put a wrist band on Andy Dick, the accused put his hand on his genitals."Turned around, there he is tilting his head smiling at me," the accuser testified. "I jumped back, shocked he actually did it."

Andy Dick's attorney Geragos asked, "Did you kick Mr. Dick out of the club?"

"No," the accuser responded.

Geragos continued, "Did you ask him to leave? Did you do anything at all to make a report in the first 30 minutes after this happened?"

"I was in shock," said. "I couldn't believe he did it."

The second alleged victim testified that Andy Dick kissed him on the neck and touched his genitals, while he was trying to get a picture of his girlfriend and Dick in the nightclub.

"As he was hollering, talking, he kissed my neck," the second accuser said. "As I turned around, it was shocking. I was trying to walk away, I felt a hand go in my pants."

After hearing all testimony, Magistrate John McCallister rulled to send the case to the grand jury, probably in August when the next grand jury convenes.

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