Carl Joshua Ncube gets stand up comedy online

The comedian Carl Joshua Ncube said for the press that he is going to promote comedy acts on a world wide tour from May 2011. He also said that only using the social media he could stay in touch with a possible international audience.

Even if the comedian started acting in public , nowadays it s a must to add this to something bigger, something like only the world wide web could cover. The actor exposed his thoughts on social media and even advertising his acts online because this is the perfect place to grow upon: you can reach many comedy fans from all over the place only being connected to the Internet and play on.

Ncube says that he will keep a journal for all the activities he is going to hold on this online tour, with photos and all, and then post them online.Then should be easier hor him to write a biography.

So Ncube is going to be able to be seen and heard on 4 continents, and that is something! He launched his site three months ago and since then he had 90.000 visitors traffic. This means that his comedy acts are well seen among his ‘‘special’’ public and that maybe “Social media is much closer to the audience than any other medium. It puts me in touch with a greater audience. I also allow people to take pictures at my shows and post them online. I use my mobile phone a lot to keep in touch with my audience,” said Ncube.

In his opinion, nowadays every single artist should carry on a laptop that connects to the Internet. There are no gates to worry about in the world wide web. “ As more and more people outside there get access to our products, they’ll be hungry for local content and will therefore search for relevant websites,” he said.

Even though Ncube hasn’t tried yet this mass communication..he is not far from it. Keep close!

Quick Info Carl Joshua Ncube gets stand up comedy online

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