Brain Regan comes in Waterbury on May 9

Brian Regan makes a tour stop at the Palace Theater in Waterbury on Thursday, May 9. Last year, the comedian broke the record for the most consecutive shows at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City with 10 sold-out shows breaking Jerry Seinfeld’s record. Also, even after 13 years, his 2000 “Comedy Central Presents” continues to be viewers favorite.

Speaking in an recent interview for Brian Regan admitted that his kids are his main inspiration. “I have two wonderful kids, and it's not hard to stay focused on them. The moment I forget to focus on them, I hear some type of crash from the other room, then I'm right back to being focused.”

Q: People rave about your shows and say how much they enjoy your talents. Do you ever find yourself wanting to reach out to these people? Have you ever contacted fans or shown up somewhere they asked you to go?

A: It's always fun to hear nice comments and such, but I don't like to wallow in that world. I like what I do; I think I'm pretty decent at it, but when I'm offstage, I just want to be a really good dad and a really bad golfer.

Q: What's your favorite thing to riff on these days?

A: My topic choices have a pretty wide range. I talk about everything from having a bad hip to scientists recently finding the Higgs boson particle. If you like hip jokes, and Higgs boson jokes, I'm your man.

Q: I know you've hung out with Jerry Seinfeld (in Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" web series) and performed with him. Tell me something about Jerry that audiences may not know.

A: Jerry Seinfeld is actually a small Korean woman. ... That is from one of his jokes. ... There really isn't much behind the scenes that's any different from what you see on TV. He's a very normal guy who's very funny.

Q: You've been on Letterman's show so many times. What was the experience like for you the first time and how is it now? Also, since you know him a bit, what is Dave really like behind the scenes? Is he a comedian's best friend, or is he tricky, moody?

A: The only time I see Dave Letterman is when I'm lucky enough to be on his TV show. I've seen him backstage a few times, but usually you just see him onstage during the taping. I'll tell you what, though. There are few things cooler in life than hearing Dave Letterman laughing at his desk behind you while you're doing standup on his show.

Quick Info Brain Regan comes in Waterbury on May 9

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