Billy Connoly Live 2010 DVD - stand up comedy

In an expansive career witch has brought him a lot of popularity nearly 40 years and witch has taken Billy all the way to Hollywood and back, Connolly has established himself as one of the greatest comedian of all time, the Godfather of modern stand up comedy, who returns with his new DVD live 2010.

This stand up comedy video, Live 2010 is not his best work by far but still blows most other comedians out of the water.

Connolly is never afraid to offend, tackling close to the bone subjects and despite his advancing age, Billy still has an energy and a playfulness that carries him out straight to his large audience.He even screams at some people from the audience that from the moment when the stage lights are on, it is his turn to talk so everybody has to shut up, witch raises a massive laugh.

Anyway, Live 2010 is a stand up comedy video by Billy Connolly, witch provides the quality of laughs that has been present since forever through Connolly's career.

Not in the abundant qualities that we are used to when it's about Billy Connolly but yet a stand up comedy show that has to be seen!

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