Billy Connolly - How it feels to be a king

Comic Billy Connolly tells how he based his Royal role on Prince Charles, his old pal.

The superstar comedian Billy Connolly, plays the teeny King Theodore of Lilliput opposite Jack Black's Gulliver in the big budget blockbuster and reveals that Charles, who has been a dinner guest at his Aberdeenshire mansion Candacraig House, was his movie inspiration on his regal role in Gulliver's Travels.

"I think if he were king, he would be a jolly, casual sort of king. So I tried to be him. I rather like him."

Connolly also admitted that he got a kick out of being cast as big screen royalty. He said: "It's terrific to be king.

"I have been the king for a long time and it is an absolute joy to swan around."

"So little is asked of you... you get the most sparkling uniform and the sword and you just swan around. It's fabulous."

This movie marks the first time that Billy will have appeared in 3D on the big screen and he loves it: He said: "It never crossed my mind that I'd be seen in 3D.

"Having said that I think the 3D in this film is fantastic.

"But I am a little bored with 3D and people riding on geese or blue people shooting into valleys... enough. In this film, though, there are none of those 3D tricks. The whole thing glows and I love it."

Although he achieved international fame as a stand-up comic, Connolly has also made his mark as a movie star, his many movies include The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise, rock comedy Still Crazy and the award-winning Mrs Brown.

"I have had a wonderful film career, when you consider where I come from and what I do. I am delighted and have absolutely no complaints," said Connolly.

Gulliver's Travels give us the chance to Connolly as the king of Liliput and even singing the Lilliput national anthem!

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