Bill Maher is against Ground Zero Mosque

Bill Maher stated on The Tonight Show, that he is against the Ground Zero Mosque.

Bill Maher spoke his mind, as he usually does, this time on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the comedian had some strong words on Sarah Palin and the issue of building a mosque at Ground Zero.

Bill Maher called Sarah Palin an "evil dingbat" and talked about the First Amendament, which he thinks Sarah Palin never heard of : "there's a thing in this country called the First Amendment. And if somebody ever read it to Sarah Palin, she would understand that you're supposed to be allowed to worship whatever fairy tale you want to, wherever you want to.."

Bill Maher stated that he is against Ground Zero Mosque, but more than that he is against all religious centers, because houses of worship "perpetuate mass delusion."

He also talked about receiving a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame , event from you can see pictures below.

Bill Maher is not the only comedian who is against the mosque, a few weeks ago, Carlos Mencia criticized New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, saying that: "A mosque at Ground Zero? Seriously? Isn't that like putting up a statue of a priest in the room with a kid that he molested?"

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