Bill Maher against religion: Religulous

Bill Maher Religulous is Bill Maher's latest movie, a documentary in which the host of Real Time with Bill Maher does what he does best: mocking religion.After making controversial commentaries about religion in Bill Maher Politically Incorrect or Real Time with Bill Maher, the stand up comedian gather up with the director Larry Charles and releases Religulous on 3rd of October 2008, an intriguing documentary with Bill Maher monolgues and full of interviews with different people with different religions.

In Bill Maher Religulous, the stand up comedian Bill Maher doesn't pick on one religion, but all, mocking the Christians as well as the Muslims or Jewish. Bill Maher Religulous movie was filmed in various place, like Vatican where Bill Maher interviewed priests, Jerusalem where the comedian chated with rabbis or London where he did interviwes with street priests.

Having one of the most controverisial subject of all time, Bill Maher Religulous received mostly positive critics, mixed of course with some negative ones, but it became one of the ten highest rated documentaries in the US.

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