American Indian stand-up comedy at Pechanga!

The Chiefs of Comedy Tour is stopping at Pechanga to perform their really funny and special stand-up comedy concerts. The four members will be entertaining their fans from June 29 to July 2 at the Pechanga Casino Comedy Club. The stand-up comedy concert takes place in the same time with the Pechanga Pow- Wow being an advantage for the American Indian quartet.

The four American Indian stand-up comedians who form The Chiefs of Comedy are JR Redwater , Jim Ruel , Shishonia and Adam Beach. Before being part of this stand-up comedy group, they all have worked with the public in stand-up comedy, improvisation or motivational speaches. The Chiefs of Comedy have one thing in common: they love making people laugh.

The Chiefs of Comedy prepared Pechanga a stand-up comedy concert never to be forgotten. The stand-up comedians are very proud of their origins and will really entertain the audience with their special stand-up comedy performance.

The four stand-up comedians will keep on touring the country, hoping to expand the comic horizons of all ethnicities looking for a laugh.

Quick Info American Indian stand-up comedy at Pechanga!

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