7 top MMA Fighters good for Stand-up Comedy

Rampage Jackson always has something funny to say. In fact, he is one of the funniest fighters to listen to. From the fact that he tries to seduce female reporters to the fact that he appeared in the 2010 movie: The A-Team, shows that he is also an entertainer and could be either a stand up comedian or a actor.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson for Stand-up comedy

Quinton Ramone Jackson, aka Rampage Jackson is the former UFC champion of the world in the Light-Heavyweight category. He's main rivals were: Wanderlei Silva and Matt Linland. But, the serious fighter also has a humorous side and would look great on a stand-up comedy stage.

Krazy Horse Bennett for Stand-up Comedy

While a successful fighter, Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett would do just fine in stand-up comedy because he is quite bold in his assessments of other fighters and he is regarded as the "most controversial sound bites in the sport". He has also mentioned that he would have liked to do acting, and it could still be an option if he manages to stay out of court.

Bas Rutten for Stand-up Comedy

Known for his funny commentaries, Bas Rutten would do just fine in stand up comedy. A good example would be the fact that he worked on children's show. This means he's versatile and could fit in any entertainment show. This guy also appeared in many sitcoms, including The King of Queens.

Gerald Harris for Stand-up Comedy

Gerald Harris is possibly the closest guy to stand up comedy beacse that was his occupation before he got into fighting. He started doing stand up straight out of college. He left this occupation because MMA pays better. Even today, he keeps in touch with stand up comedy by hosting comedy shows with new, undiscovered, comedians.

Pat Barry for Stand-up Comedy

Wether Barry's joking about his childhood aspirations to become a ninja, or commenting on the match before it begins, or after, he always has something funny to say. The way he wears those shades and the way he chooses to promote the sponsors shows that Pat Barry could do stand-up comedy.

Mayhem Miller for Stand-up Comedy

Mayham Miller has good experience in front of the camera because he was the witty coach of the new season of The Ultimate Fighter. He is one of the funniest guys in this sport, with witty remarks and just all-around funny. He could take stand-up comedy up a notch if he decided to enter this form of entertainment.

Chael Sonnen for Stand-up Comedy

Chael Sonnen assessment of the entire nation of Brazil and Anderson Silva have made many laugh. He also has a great fanbase who would support him.

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