5 things we learn from "Arrested Development Documentary"

“Arrested Development” show gets a documentary thanks to a Kickstarter campaign initiated by two filmmakers and two fans, Neil Lieberman and Jeff Smith.

On March 18, 2013 Neil and Jeff brought the documentary to Kickstarter.com, a crowdfunding platform that has helped artists and filmmakers procure funding for independent projects.

They managed to earn $20k so the documentary got a release date. On May 3rd, the feature was released showing interviews with the cast and crew and going through the history of the show. The film also reveals some previously unknown facts, like that the original pilot script was 70 pages long.

“The overall goal of the documentary is to provide awareness and education of this brilliant, witty and original comedy. We are looking to interview viewers, cast, crew and any other industry figures that are fans or critics of the show” says Smith.

Here are the five things we learned from the project.

1. Lindsay Bluth was the only character Mitch Hurwitz rewrote for an actor after being taken by how funny their audition was.

2. Ricky Gervais, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Christopher Walken all wanted to be on the show, but it was canceled before Hurwitz could find somewhere to use them.

3. Because of his thick New York accent, Scott Baio over-pronounced the "aw" in Bob Loblaw and had no idea the name was a joke at first.

4. Mitch Hurwitz's script for the pilot was 70 pages long, which is double the standard length.

5. At their first Emmys, as Will Arnett and Michael Cera walked the red carpet together, all they could hear were photographers yelling, "Michael Cera! Michael Cera!" What they soon realized was that Cera was standing between Michael Douglas and Sarah Jessica Parker, and they were actually screaming, "Michael! Sarah! Michael! Sarah!"

Quick Info 5 things we learn from "Arrested Development Documentary"

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