Billy Connolly Won a BAFTA Award

Stand up comedian Billy Connolly, or The Big Yin is a famous stand up comedian who entertained the world for 46 years and he continues to do what he does best. Connolly’s talent and passion weren’t left unacknowledged and in 2003 the BAFTA presented him with a Lifetime Achievement award.

2003 is not the first time stand up comedian encountered the BAFTA award. He was also nominated for a BAFTA Award and a BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Actor in 1997. If there is a person who deserves this award, he would certainly be the stand up comedian Billy Connolly. He is not just a stand up comedian; he is also a folk singer, actor and presenter. In all this years, Billy Connolly gave so much to the world and it was only fair that the world gave something back to the stand up comedian. And what better reword for The Big Yin that a BAFTA Lifetime Achievement award?

Quick Info Billy Connolly Won a BAFTA Award

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