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American stand-up comedian Tim Allen is also an actor, a voice-over artist and also an entertainer. Allen is best known for the role he had in the sitcom Home Improvement, but also for his roles in popular movies such as Toy Story (the series), The Santa Clause Series and, of course, Galaxy Quest.

Personal Life

Tim Allen (Timothy Allen Dick) was born in Denver, Colorado on 13th June 1953. He is the third of five brothers, lost his father when he was only 11. After his mother remarried he moved with her to Birmingham, Michigan where he attended Ernest W. Seaholm High School. He took theatre and music classes, then Allen attended Central Michigan University, then Western Michigan University. Here he worked at the student radio station WIDR, specialized in radio and television.

In 1984 Allen married Laura Diebel with whom he has a daughter, Katherine, born in 1989. After the two got legally separated in 1999, Allen started dating Jane Hajduk, whom he married in 2006. Allen became father for the second time in 2009, with the arrival of another daughter, Elizabeth.

Tim Allen was arrested two times: once for illegal hold of drugs, the second time for having a .15 percent blood-alcohol content.

He was a few times nominated and also received awards such as the one from 1998 when Tim Allen was awarded by Western Michigan with an honorary fine arts degree and the Distinguished Alumni Award.


Tim Allen started his career as a comedian in 1975 after one of his friends dared him to participate at a comedy night in a club. Allen appeared at a comedy club in Detroit where he publicly started the stand-up comedy career. In the same place, in Detroit, he began to get recognition while appearing in local television commercials and Comedy Shows such as Gary Thison’s Some Semblance of Sanity. These were the engines that started later the comedian dimension inside Allen. He moves to Los Angeles where he becomes a member of the comedy club The Comedy Store. Then Allen begins to do stand-up performances and routines on late-night talk shows and specials on record and film.

Nevertheless, Tim Allen rose with fame in acting while being in the television series Home Improvement on ABC where he plays Tim “The Tool-Man” Taylor, sitcom that had run on TV from 1991 to 1999. In November 1994, Tim Allen excelled while, for a week, he starred in The Santa Clause, topped the New York Times with his best seller Don’t Stand Too Close to a Naked Man and also appeared in the Home Improvement television series. One year later he provided the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story animated movie.

While acting in Home Improvement, Tim Allen formed a race team together with Steve Saleen and Bob Bondurant, a team called the Saleen/Allen “RRR” Speedlab, which raced in the SCCA World Challenge. During the final season of the well-known Home Improvement sitcom, he was paid 1.25 million dollars for every episode he starred in.

In 2006 Tim Allen appears in the comedy-superhero film Zoom, in the role of Jack Shepard. During the same year the comedian began narrating Pure Michigan, a series of television and radio commercials for the Travel Michigan agency. Later on, in 2009, Tim Allen started a preview tour of the comedy Crazy on the Outside. The movie debuted in January 2010. Helping the debut, Allen promoted it with a series of stand-up acts.

Starting from September 2010, the stand-up comedian Tim Allen is the official voice of the Chevrolet Cruze, narrating the commercials for the vehicle and also the voice of Campbell Soup’s newest commercial. Allen expressed interest in returning to television a year later, in 2011. Now he is to join the cast of the American comedy Last Man Standing, in the role of Tim Fitzgerald, a dad fighting for his manhood.

Among Tim Allen’s stand-up comedy shows and video the most beloved and well known are: the classical video produced together with several more stars at the beginning of their stand-up comedy careers Comedy’s Dirtiest Dozen and the two stand-up performances now include on the DVD Live Onstage: Men Are Pigs and Rewires America.

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Stand-up comedy: Tim Allen Biography (personal life, kids, career)
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