Margaret Cho Biography (Personal Life, Career)

Margaret Cho is a Korean-American stand-up comedian, fashion designer, actress, author, and recording artist. The stand-up comedian is best known for her stand-up routines, through which she critiques social, political, racial and sexual problems. The stand-up comedian is also famous for her tattoos, for her appearances in music video and for her own clothing line.

Personal Life

The stand-up comedienne was born Margaret Cho, on 5th of December 1968 into a Korean family in San Francisco, California. Just 3 days after the stand-up comedian was born, her father, Seung-Hoon Cho, was deported because he failed to obtain a work permit. Her mother, Young-Hie was allowed to remain in San Francisco but she was unable to raise Margaret on her own, so she sent the future stand-up comedian to Korea to live with her father and grandparents for couple of years.

In the 1970s and 1980s the stand-up comedian grew up in a racially diverse neighborhood in San Francisco. Kicked out of Lowell High School, the stand-up comedian expressed an interest in stand-up comedy performance. In 1988 the stand-up comedian had an audition and was accepted into the San Francisco School of the Arts. While attending the High School, the stand-up comedian started to perform improvisational comedy.

In 2003 the stand-up comedian married Al Ridenour. Talking about her marriage, Margaret said that her marriage is “very conventional and conservative” though she declared in another interview that she is bisexual.

The stand-up comedian began getting major tattoo work done in 2006 and she estimates that 15–20% of her body is currently tattooed. The stand-up comedian’s support for LGBT rights is well known. She has won awards for her humanitarian efforts on behalf of women, the transgender community Asians, and the LGBT community. The stand-up comedian currently resides with her husband in Peachtree City, Georgia.


The stand-up launched her stand-up career performing stand-up comedy in local clubs in San Francisco (even the one above her parent's bookstore, where she would performs her routines during her bookstore breaks) and at many universities campuses.

After developing her comic style and material in clubs, the stand-up comedian moved on to television, and appeared on all sorts of comedy and late night talk comedy shows. A short time later, the stand-up comedian won a comedy contest, first prize being the chance to open for Jerry Seinfeld. After moving to Los Angeles in the early '90s, Cho found her audience growing, and, after appearing on comedy shows hosted by Arsenio Hall and Bob Hope she won the 1994 American Comedy Award for Best Female Comedian.

The stand-up comedian quickly gained comedic celebrity status and was rewarded with her own sitcom, All American Girl aired by ABC. The comedy show ran from September 1994 through March 1995 and was canceled due to poor ratings.

After the show's 1995 cancellation, the stand-up comedian became addicted to drugs including alcohol. As detailed in her 2002 autobiography, I'm the One That I Want, in 1995 she was so drunk during a stand-up comedy performance in Monroe, Louisiana, where she was booed off the stage by 800 college students. In the same year, the stand-up comedian hosted the New Year's Rockin' Eve 95 show with comedian Steve Harvey.

The stand-up comedian also acted in different movies. In 2004, the comic actor began working on her first self-written film in which she starred Bam Bam and Celeste, a low-budget comedy. As an actress, the stand-up comedian has played more serious parts, such as that of John Travolta's long-suffering FBI colleague in the action movie Face/Off. The stand-up comedian appeared in the episode “The real Me” of the HBO comedy Sex and the City's fourth season (2001). In 2003, the stand-up comedian made another stand-up film, Revolution, which was released on the market in 2004.

The stand-up comedian had other appearances during the last years. In 2008 she performed in an episode of NBC's series Celebrity Family Feud. In 2009 the stand-up comedian appeared in the hit TV series Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime Television, playing the role of Teri Lee, a supporting actress.

In April 2011, the comic actor starred on the comedy 30 Rock in the episode "Everything Sunny All the Time Always". She played North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il. The role had her speak Korean as well as English. In 2010, Cho appeared as a contestant on the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars.

The stand-up comedian distinguished herself as a musician. In September 2008, the comic musician released her single, "I Cho Am a Woman". Throughout 2010, she worked on a full length album titled Cho Dependent, which was nominated for a 2010 Grammy award for Best Comedy Album. In May 2010, the stand-up comedian directed and appeared in the music video for "I Wanna Be a Bear," a song by "Pixie Herculon".

Quick Info Margaret Cho Biography (Personal Life, Career)

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